The Ultimate Rufus vs Etcher Comparison

Rufus vs Etcher

USB flash drives are the bread and butter of transferring data via hardware, worthy successors of the original hardware transfer methods – CDs and DVDs. However, similar to their predecessors, if you want to install an OS on a PC, you can’t just simply copy the files onto a USB and call it a day; …

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Linux Distributions That Look Like Windows

Windows 10

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft stopped providing support for Windows 7.  Essentially, this forced most Windows users to switch to Windows 10, which is a remarkably different visual environment.   It’s also been criticized a lot for privacy and security holes.  Because of this, many Windows users are looking to switch to Linux.  The switch can …

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Top 5 Linux Distros For Old Computers

Linux Distros are operating systems like Windows and macOS. It provides some level of the interface so that we can operate our computers. The main difference between Linux and the rest is that the Linux Distros are free and open-source. This means that it is not proprietary owned and does not require paid licenses to …

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How To Do A Clean Installation Of Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest operating system produced by Microsoft. From Windows 1 to Windows 10, it’s the greatest evolution have come for Microsoft that stands out as they’re the most preferred operating system in the world. They just had the most recent update which was released on November 2019. REQUIREMENTS: The minimum hardware requirements …

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Rufus vs HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

Rufus USB

Now let us compare Rufus with the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. These two software are pretty much created for the same purpose which is to write on a USB flash drive. Both of them, Rufus USB and HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool is free to use so feel free to download them …

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Rufus Overview

Today, technological advancement has really helped us improve the way people used to do things. From bulky computers and complicated methods of doing things, gone are the days where we call that genius guy who is commonly known as the computer technician (talking the old fashioned way) whereas to now, everybody can be that genius …

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How To Make A Windows 10 Bootable USB with Rufus


I am betting that most of you would agree with me when I say that “Windows is one of the best Operating System right now.” and thanks to Rufus for providing a very easy and straightforward way to help us install the newest version available on our computers and laptops with the use of a …

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How To Make A Linux Bootable USB with Rufus

Linux Bootable USB

It has become very common for people nowadays to use handy USB flash drives rather than the traditional CD-ROM or DVD drives to install an operating system to your computer or laptop. Rufus, which is a free software, has made everything easy for us. Rufus is a free tool that allows us to create bootable …

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